Lease Application Requirements

1. Lease Applications + Credit Reports. Anyone living in the home over the age of 18 years old ("Applicant") must fill out a Lease Application. Each RentSpree online application costs $38 and will pull credit reports, credit scores & perform a background check. Link to online RentSpree Application:

2. Proof of income. If applicable, two (2) most recent pay stubs for each Applicant. Please note that most Landlords require Applicants’ combined gross income is at least 2.7 times the monthly rent amount.

3. Proof of assets. Complete bank statements for the past two (2) months.

4. OPTIONAL - Photo of Pet(s), if applicable. Landlords will consider a small pet. If Applicant has a small pet, please include a photo and explain what kind of pet, weight, sex and age. Landlords may, at their discretion, allow a pet for an additional security deposit.

NOTE: Application requirements subject to change. There may be additional information/clarification required on any of the items requested. Do not submit application information without speaking with Jesse Brossa first.